Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 Nomination

We are proud to announce that we are nominated for the prestigious Accenture Innovation Awards 2018 within the Mobility theme.
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Innovation Theme: Mobility
Connected & Autonomous Vehicles | Multimodal Mobility | Continuous Delivery

"Our global economy is built on connections. Technology has put even the remotest destinations within our reach, allowing us to deliver freight, people and information anywhere in the world. As our economy grows and demands change, we must strengthen those connections with next-gen mobility solutions to deal with modern-day issues like inner-city congestion, smart parking, road safety, environmental pollution, reverse logistics, car-sharing and last-mile delivery.

Innovations in travel, transportation and logistics will help us close the distance between today and tomorrow, giving us the opportunity to exchange essential resources faster and more efficiently than ever before. Also, developing new sustainable solutions will help protect our environment."

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