How our oiled Booking engine sealed the deal for TME

Shipping used cooking oil from Durban to Rotterdam sounds easy enough right? You just find some empty ISO tanks, book a carrier, and have your ISO tanks shipped. All the while you’re sipping from a superb Stellenbosch in your favourite waterfront café.

It wasn’t exactly like that for Adrian Naidoo from TME Logistics when he had to ship not 1 but 240 ISO tanks in the fall of 2018. As-soon-as-possible, 20 tank containers, every month for one year. And he didn’t have time to look for empty ISO tanks himself.

As luck would have it, he found just at the right moment. His inquiry for ISO tanks was booked and confirmed in no time and much faster than he could have ever done himself. At the same time eliminating much of the hassle that traditionally comes with shipments like these.


The question for TME was not if they would find empty ISO tanks, just how long it would take to do all the searching and booking themselves.

In spite of a global long position on empty equipment, thousands of empty ISO tanks are stored in yards around the world as we speak, the real challenge was to find a partner who was willing to ship to their destination. At the best rate possible, and of course, as quickly as possible.

Previously for TME, this meant a lot of calling, nagging and negotiating with tank-owners, with mixed results.
It was a hit-and-miss-game. In the meantime, their customers were waiting for confirmation.

Other problems TME faced were:
Not all suppliers could offer 12 x 20 ISO tanks that fast.

Various logistical issues upon arrival of the ISO tanks in Europe.
As Adrian Naidoo explains: “Our challenge was finding a partner quickly, with enough ISO tanks to ship used cooking oil from South Africa to Europe. Via we not only found this partner but also confirmed the order in no time.”

Using our booking platform made all the difference for TME. 


So how exactly did this deal see the light of life?
Simple. Through our fully automated booking platform of course!

After a short registration, TME placed their request on our site and almost immediately the offers started flowing in.
TME was able to see the pickup and drop off locations and the tank-owners could see the quantity and product requested, in real time.

To have such a fully automated platform in the cloud is quite something for the historically conservative logistics industry.
This work used to be handled by customer service departments but we have found a way to adapt it to the 21st century. 


The flexibility of our booking platform lies in the fact that companies can directly place their request on the platform and tank owners and shipping companies can directly send quotations.

It is fast, super simple and intuitive, not only for the shipper but also for the shipping agencies.

Tim van Maasdijk from Alpha Shipping agrees: “The platform is a well thought out and user-friendly system where tank operators, agents, and liquid exporting/importing clients can connect and find logistical solutions to the international movement of liquid commodities by ISO tank containers. In a world dominated by technology, the platform is extremely useful and we definitely recommend it.”

There you have it.

So the next time you have something to ship, go and grab that Stellenbosch, seriously, while does the work for you.

Salute, or, as they say in Afrikaans: Gesondheit!  

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