Intermodal Europe 2018 - Rotterdam


Intermodal Europe 2018 will take place on the 6-8 November at the AHOY Rotterdam, bringing together 6,500 global attendees over three days.

"Intermodal Europe is the world-leading exhibition and conference for companies associated with the container and intermodal industries and covers all areas of container transport and logistics across road, rail and sea. The event provides an invaluable industry forum, bringing together high-quality speakers and key exhibitors."

Read more about the event on the official Intermodal Europe page.

Meet with our team in Rotterdam and discuss topics like:

  • Tank container repositioning;
  • How to save costs, fuel, and effort through digitalization;
  • Collaboration in the tank container supply chain;
  • Blockchain and scaling trust;
  • How platforms are eating the world;
  • How TankContainerFinder is creating a greener supply chain;
  • How we can help your business.

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Join the discussion during the Smart Shipping & Logistics Forum.

Theatre 2 // Tuesday, November 6th, 13:50 – 15:30h.
Digitization of the Global Supply Chain
"A focused session on the digitization of the global supply chain; covering key topics from blockchain to cybersecurity, cryptocurrencies and value.
A discussion on how the supply chain is being transformed to create greater traceability, compliance, flexibility and stakeholder management."

Theatre 2 // Wednesday, November 7th, 10:30 – 13:20h.
The Internet of Things, AI and Telematics
Attend this Forum to gain insights direct from technology providers on how new technologies are having an impact in the digital supply chain. Part IV will focus on IOT, Big Data, and AI.

Extra LinkedIn post: Container repositioning: how to save costs, fuel and effort through digitalisation by Intermodal Europe.

“Partnership and collaboration in the effort to optimise empty containers is crucial. Optimising containers “internally” within one company can only address a minor part of the total potential—the music is in collaboration with others.”

See you in Rotterdam, the hometown of!

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