Major Platform Update: April 2018

We've listened to your feedback and updated our platform with some major updates! What's new?

New Availability Module
Suppliers can now show all tank containers and/or tank trucks that they want to make directly visible to searchers.
Searchers can respond directly if they're interested in the available tanks.
You can find this new functionality in your Dashboard.

Option to include MSDS with an inquiry
(Mandatory for hazardous cargo)

Quotation added to Lead
Leads can now be enhanced with quotation details (price per tank, amount of tanks available, demurrage free days and demurrage fee).
The quotation is a first offer that gives searchers a first indication of the suppliers price. The given quotation is not binding, but is used to start the negotiation process.

Deal added to Dashboard
Searchers can close an inquiry and label it as a "Deal" when they've come to an agreement with the supplier(s).
You can find the "I've made a deal" button next to inquiries in your Dashboard or on the "View Inquiry" page.

Homepage Key Metrics
We've added some important live platform metrics to our homepage to keep you up to date.
Stay informed on how our platform grows with information about Activated Users, Active Countries, Global Fleet Connected & Inquiries for Tank Containers.

Need more help?
Our Customer Success Manager Wilbert is ready to guide you through all the changes and new functionality.
Call +31 103074167, email or hit the chat icon in the bottom-right corner to chat directly.

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