Major Platform Update: April 2019

We've listened to your feedback and updated our platform with some major updates! Learn here what's new.

The search for booking available tank containers and services had a major update and now supports (next to operations) the functionality to specify lease, buy/sell and transport-only inquiries. This opens the platform for a broader range of tank container suppliers which can better fit the needs of the demand-side of the platform.

We have now divided inquiries into the following types which can be specified by the requester:

This is the type that was the default until now on our platform and is requested the most by cargo owners.
Results of this inquiry type are available for operators and forwarders. 
Extra options to specify who can see the inquiry (restrictions and black/white-list) are available when creating an inquiry.

We've already seen a lot of tank container leasing requests on our platform, but until now it was hard to specify them and have them forwarded to the right parties. That has changed!
Leasing can now be specified during the inquiry process and these type of inquiries are visible for registered leasing companies only.

Like leasing, we've added the option to specify interests in buying or selling tank containers via our platform.
All results of these inquiries are available for tank container operators and forwarders for now.

This new inquiry type can be selected if no tank containers are needed and results are visible for operators and forwarders.

Need more help?
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