Milestone: 500 registrations | Growing the platform

With great interest from all sides of the market, is growing fast.
We've reached a new milestone today. 500 registrations since our launch on February 1st this year.
With more than 250 active users network affects are kicking in and we expect to grow to the next milestone of 1000 registration within 2017.

Growth is good, but value is even more important, for us and all our users.
That's why we've decided to keep the platform free of use for the rest of 2017.
So there's enough time for you to get used to the platform and create new business and for us to generate added-value and services and grow to more than a matchmaker.

Signup and start today!

As always, we keep you updated on all the developments on our roadmap.

Have a great summer!

Published on 2017-06-28 at 16:00 by

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