Petrochemicals Global Logistics Convention Pitch Contest

Yeah! has been selected for the Pitch Contest of the Petrochemicals Global Logistics Convention.

PGLC is a new initiative from UMF Marseille and Tankbank Singapore and will be held in Marseille, France between Thursday 20th and Friday 21st June 2019.

Meet us in Marseille to discuss innovation in tank container logistics and the petrochemical industry.

More information about PGLC:

"PGLC is a new international conference dedicated to the Petrochemical logistics community. Our ambition is to create a new regular forum for Producers, Suppliers and Traders of Petrochemical products globally. Although set in Marseille as a base this is an international forum.

The aim of the meeting to promote discussion and debate around the major topics of our industry particularly with the changing world that we live in today. Environment, digitalisation and logistics efficiencies are the key areas we will tackle.

We are proud to be supported by many of the major players in this market many of whom will be presenting and attending this year’s event. We also wanted to move away from the one conference one location model that many conferences adopt. As an alternative, we wish to be as inclusive of all regions, countries, products and services as possible.

For the first time at this type of event, we want to hear from the innovators and the game changers that will be with us in the next few years, so therefore we will also include a pitch contest for start-ups and new fledgeling businesses to demonstrate their initiatives in a 5 minute pitch to delegates.

Finally, we will have plenty of time to get to know each other over a coffee, a wine or simply walking through the amazing city of Marseille together.

We hope you enjoy PGLC 2019.


Marseille Chamber of Commerce Building
CCI Marseille Provence
Palais de la Bourse, 9 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille, France

One of the finest historical building of Marseille. The original French Chamber of commerce from 1599."

Meet all selected startups:

Clear Logistics

Smart Sailors






Green sea guard

Wary me


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