Platform Update: Improved communication tools (Feedback & Chat)

It's great to see that the platform's Booking functionalities are a big success!

We've updated our platform with the user feedback from the first use of the booking process.
Thank you for all the feedback and input to improve the communication between platform users.

What is new?

User-to-User Chat Function
You can find this new feature on the right of your screen when visiting the inquiry/quotation/negotiation pages.

What are the main benefits?

  • Suppliers can start a chat to communicate with cargo owners (searchers) to get the needed information to create their best quote.
  • Both suppliers and cargo owners can discuss the quotation during and before the negotiation process.

Improved User-to-User Feedback
We've added more options to add feedback during the booking process for both users and added required remarks fields when taking "negative" actions.

  • Remarks are required when stopping a negotiation.
  • Remarks are required when rejecting a quotation.

Next to this, we did some updates improving the user experience and user interface.

We love your feedback and continue improving our platform based on what we learn from you.

Do you want help exploring all new features?
Our customer service is ready to give you a guided tour of the platform.

Hit the live chat on this page or call our Customer Support on +31 103074167.

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