Referral program: Earn building together

Do you have a great network in the tank container or chemical industry?
Our referral program lets you earn up to 40% commission on user expenses on our platform.

Users that sign up via your unique referral link will generate income for you when they do a transaction on our platform.

They generate 20% income of the transaction value in the first year after registration, 15% in the second and 10% in the years after that. Because our booking functionality involves 2 users (searcher & supplier), you can earn up to 40% of the total transaction when both users have been registered via your referral link.

Sign up for a free account today and start generating income via our referral program.

Some examples:

A. John is an owner of a cleaning station and has registered to TCF via your link.
He decides to have his company listed on our map and upgrades to a $600 yearly subscription.
You will earn a $120 commission directly, $90 in the second year after he renews his subscription and $60 in the years after that.

B. Thiago is a chemical trader and has registered to TCF via your link.
He decides to place an inquiry and book the business of 12 tanks x $2500 via TCF.
The supplier pays a 2.5% transaction fee to confirm the booking.
You will earn a $120 commission directly.

Just hit the chat button to talk to our customer support team.

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