State of the Global Tank Container Market 2018

The recent publication of the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) and the Shanghai Maritime University describes the state of the global tank container industry in 2018. The Global Tank Container Survey 2018 is a result of research under tank container operators, leasing companies and several industry experts.

We broke down the key figures and created an infographic for a total overview of the state of the tank container industry at the beginning of 2018.

  • ITCO 2018 survey reveals industry growth of 8.66% in 2017
  • In 2017, a total of 48,500 units were manufactured
  • Global tank container fleet reaches 552,000
  • Tank container operators have a total of 365,000 tanks in their fleets
  • The top 10 operators account for over 215,332 tanks representing 59% of the global operators’ fleet
  • Tank container leasing companies have a total combined fleet of 245,000 tanks
  • The top 10 lessors account for 184,392 tanks. This represents about 75% of the total leasing fleet
  • The top three leasing companies account for 129,000 tanks, or 53% of the total lessors' fleet
  • In 2017, the combined number of tank containers produced by all of the world’s manufacturers totaled 48,500 new units
  • The five tank container manufacturers represent 94% of global manufacture

State of the Tank Container Market 2017 infographic

Click here to Download the Infographic State of the Global Tank Container Market 2018 as PDF.

Data source: International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) Global Tank Container Survey 2018
Studied by Prof. Bingliang SONG
Shanghai Maritime University, China
February 2018

Original publication: ITCO 2018 Global Tank Container Survey
ITCO website:

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