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By Sam Hearne, Deputy Editor HCB

TankContainerFinder has evolved since its launch with new functionalities helping it become the leading booking platform for tank containers.

Building a successful business from the ground up is a difficult task, not least when the service you want to provide is almost unheard of within the industry. (TCF), coming from humble beginnings as a matchmaking service for tank container operators and users, has realized its ambition of becoming a fully operational booking platform.

The company, launched in 2017, relies on the expertise of its hard-working staff to ensure best practice and innovation is a top priority. “Working at a start-up like TCF requires everyone to wear multiple hats,” explains Léon de Bruin, co-founder of TCF. “With my knowledge in e-commerce, digital marketing and development, I am able to act as the bridge between our sales team, the developers and most importantly the clients.”

With the transition into a booking platform officially taking place in July 2018, the company is now focusing on functionality improvements by examining customer feedback. Improved features such as user-to-user chat functionality allow cargo owners to get information directly from suppliers, improving the efficiency of the quotation and negotiation process. Right now the platform is free of charge but a paid version expected to launch at the end of this year that will enable the company to further scale its development team and work on more functionality for the platform.


In a recent survey distributed by TCF to its users, it scored a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +86. The NPS is a management tool that gauges the loyalty of a company’s customers, with scores higher than 0 generally considered good and a score of +50 or higher deemed excellent.

As part of the survey, TCF received some positive written feedback from its users: “Due to the complex nature of ISO tanks, we normally leave it to our suppliers to handle arrangements. Since they also have difficulties on their end, we often don’t hear back,” explained Russell Lecompte, sourcing manager at Chemical Distribution Network (CDN). “Since TCF launched, we have been able to take back control, making it easier to execute quotes and manage orders.”

“This is a really easy way to find cargo for our tanks,” said Mandar Sawant, costing and system controls manager at Exodus ChemTank, a worldwide tank container operator. The platform currently has 760 active users in 103 countries worldwide and has generated 682 inquiries for tank containers, equating to $16m worth of business to date. Platform users are able to place requests by searching for products, UN numbers or T-codes, strengthening the company’s long-term dedication to practicality and ease-of-use. In addition to searching for products, users can also compare different offers, saving time, money and manpower.

Europe’s chemical producers, distributors and logistics service providers have been crying out for some years now for neutral platforms that will allow them to enhance asset utilization, improve efficiencies in the supply chain and reduce costs all around. TCF’s offering to the market is a working example of how such platforms can amplify collaboration and digitization in the industry. Currently, both cargo owners and suppliers can register on TCF’s website and try out the platform for free.

Published on 2018-10-19 at 11:15 by Sam Hearne (HCB)

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