The Logistic Matchmaker for Tank Containers

Hello world! This is the logistic matchmaker for tank containers.

The transparent B2B platform where product meets transport and equipment. Watch the introduction video below.

Video Transcription

The tank container world is a tough world sometimes, isn't it?
Not all products that need to be shipped find a tank container.
No, not enough.
No... not suitable.
No, too far away.
That's not efficient at all!
On the other hand, there are loads and loads of containers just sitting there, waiting for something to transport anywhere in the world.

But somehow,
they have a hard time finding each other...
what do you say about a place where you could meet?
Sounds good right? is such a place.

This is it.
And if you have a product that needs shipping
- like that one -
you just place your request on the site.
Yeah, go on!

Now, container-man.
You see exactly what he needs.
Do you have that available?
Make an account, respond to the request and get in touch.
That's all there is to it.

And because shows pick-up, drop-off locations,dates, product details and quantity in the requests,
you both can efficiently plan transports all year long.
That's good for the environment and on top of that...
you never have to go without each other again.

The logistic matchmaker.

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