The most popular articles of 2018

What were industry leaders reading to stay on top of their business game in 2018?
Because we at like numbers, we decided to take a data-driven approach to answer that question.
So here are the results: the best-read articles from the magazines and websites this past year.

UN Model Regulations: Line ’em up!
HCB Live, November 5th, by Peter Mackay.
"The volume of amendments agreed by the UN TDG Sub-committee at its June/July session point to some significant changes in the modal regulations in 2021..."

How attractive is the global tank container leasing market?
TankContainer Magazine, December 20th, by Leslie McCune.
"Editor Leslie McCune continues his analysis of the leasing sector, using a well known competitiveness model to see if new entrants are likely."

Top 5 Technology and Innovation Trends Revolutionizing Trucking Now
Transmetrics Blog, July 5th.
"Autonomous and electric vehicles, platooning, big data, integrated tech. Let’s take a look at five innovations to trucking logistics disrupting the industry."

State of the Global Tank Container Market 2018
TCF Blog, March 8th.
"The recent publication of the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) and the Shanghai Maritime University describes the state of the global tank container industry in 2018. The Global Tank Container Survey 2018 is a result of research under tank container operators, leasing companies and several industry experts."

New Composite Tanks for Eurotainer
Bulk Distributor, November 30th, by Mike Reardon.
"After a thorough analysis of the available composite tank container manufacturers Eurotainer SA has placed an order and recently taken delivery of new 20 foot composite barrel tank containers from Omni Tanker of Australia."

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We are grateful for an amazing 2018 and would like to thank everyone who helped to push the industry forward this year.

Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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