The most popular articles of 2019

What were industry leaders reading to stay on top of their business game in 2019? 
Because we at like numbers, we decided to take a data-driven approach to answer that question. 
So here are the results: the best-read articles from the magazines and websites this past year.

How to Solve Empty Container Repositioning Problem with Technologies
Transmetrics Blog, March 15th

"Repositioning of empty containers in the shipping industry represents about 5% to 8% of a shipping line’s operating costs. Further, there are additional costs for storage of empty containers and their maintenance, so the total cost of empty logistics is estimated by Transmetrics to be more than 12% of operating costs."

Logistics in the Chemical Industry: The Trends of the Future
chembid Blog, July 3rd

"Particularly in the context of value-adding services, chemical producers are deciding to set up their own logistics organization or better integrate external logistics providers into in-house processes to ensure optimization of internal material flow. In addition to the topics mentioned above, chemical companies will have to tackle other challenges in the future."

How attractive is the global tank container leasing market?
Tankcontainer Magazine, January 20th

"Editor Leslie McCune continues his analysis of the leasing sector, using a well-known competitiveness model to see if new entrants are likely."

Hoyer, Bertschi and Den Hartogh join new ECTA workgroup
Bulk Distributor, October 16th

HOYER, Bertschi and Den Hartogh started this initiative as they strongly believe in standardisation to further optimise the supply chain. The three parties believe that this is an important step towards further efficiency.

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We are grateful for an amazing 2019 and would like to thank everyone who helped to push the industry forward this year.

Wishing you a magical and blissful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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