Video: First Anniversary

Beating all expectations

Breaking news from Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

We had an incredible first year after our launch in February 2017.
Our tank container platform has connected 421 active users and more than 65 percent of the global tank container fleet.
Now generating tank container business in 63 countries all over the world.

The 369 active companies that are on the platform consist of 161 searchers, 115 operators, 62 forwarders and 31 lessors.
We see more great results as the first year generated 294 inquiries, 429 leads and 240 matches.

And as the platform is growing fast we expect a lot more great news to come from Rotterdam in 2018.

Turn on your sound and watch the Breaking News from Rotterdam video below!

Published on 2018-02-16 at 12:00 by

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