Video Tutorial - Create Filter (Search for cargo)

We're here to help you create a new filter to match your available tank containers

Do you have tank containers available and looking for cargo?
By default we set a filter that matches your location. It's now time to specify your availability in more detail and receive better information about the available inquiries (searches for tank containers) on our platform.
Watch our Video Tutorial "Create Filter" and start connecting your availability in more detail on
Go to your Dashboard, hit "new" next to "Filters", fill in the details and see all inquiries that match your filter.

When new inquiries are placed by searchers, you receive notifications when the inquiry matches one of your filters.
You can then respond to the inquiry and connect with the searcher.

That's easy! Need more help? Hit the chat button on our website or email

Published on 2017-05-26 at 11:00 by

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